Michael De Shannon's Biography

 Michael De Shannon's Early Life

Michael was born in Island Dam of the city Ba-Xuyen, West Vietnam on July 23rd, 1956, and Michael's family came from China.  Michael worked as a hairdresser in old Saigon, South Vietnam from the age of sixteen.  At that time, Michael had many special spirit brothers such as a famous French/Vietnamese producer of Vietnamese music shows and Vietnamese heavy weight Kick Boxing championship, Mr. Duy Ngoc, a famous Vietnamese newsman and congressman, Mr. Ngo Cong Duc, a famous Vietnamese director, Mr. Bui Xuan Dung, a famous Vietnamese actor, Hoang Cam, a famous Vietnamese actor, singer, and heavy weight boxing championship, Mr. Hung Cuong, many international majors of the Air Forces, pilots, Navy SEALs, G.I.s., many famous newsmen, and poetry men. Michael's special customer of hairdresser was a famous Vietnamese singer, Mrs. Phuong Dung.

Michael got a California Cosmetology License in the 1980s and I worked in China Town of Los Angeles, California, while Michael tried to be a famous movie star in Hollywood.  


Michael is an actor, a singer, a songwriter, a writer, an editor, a director, and an independent producer of music and movie projects.   Michael invented a New Chinese Martial Art when Michael was 19 years old and won a national black belt championship in form of a "perfect 10" at Tacoma, Washington, in 1976.  Michael represented the Vietnamese community to demonstration of martial arts for the Asia Holiday at Tacoma that same year.  It was an outstanding demonstration and it was a great memory.  Asian Pacific New Year celebration has moved to Tacoma Dome.  Please review the links below for more information about  Asian Pacific New Year celebration:




Michael joined National Academy of Songwriters in Los Angeles, California (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Academy_of_Songwriters) in 1987 as Michael studied about the songwriting, evaluating and analysis.  Michael also took many seminars from Grammy-winning songwriters such as Irene Cara, Jackie DeShannon, many artist representatives from Arista Records, Capital Records, Warner Brother Records, and many more at the National Academy of Songwriter in Los Angeles, California.  A pop song I wrote, "Foreigner", was picked up by Arista records in Beverly Hills in 1989, and they planned to give Michael an album, but Michael didn't finish contract with Arista to release the Foreigner song.  Michael also wrote a story, director of martial arts, producer, and co-starred with a famous Vietnamese actress, Ly Le Hoa in a low budget martial arts movie called "Revenge of the Dragon" aka Michael Dang.  

In 1989, Michael wrote another screenplay called "My Enemy Is My Friend" for an independent producer Mr. Alex Khuang, and Alex paid Michael ten thousand dollars for the script.   This script advisor was Mr. Kevin Pike, the Film Trix Agency.  At that time, Michael took many seminars with AFI: http://www.afi.com - regarding some special cases studied with Warner Brothers Production of film distribution: Terry Semel, Mark Canton, Jon Peters, Joe Silver, Lisa Hasen, Lucy Fisher, Shane Black, Lawrence Gordon, and many other famous producers and directors of Hollywood.  Michael also was studied some seminars at the AFI with a former president of directors guild (Gilbert Cates), Joe Dante, John Badham, the Film Finance Inc., Creative Agency, Willam Morris Agency, and so forth.  

Further turmoil continued shortly thereafter when in 1992, Warner Brothers Production wanted to develop Michael's synopsis called "Wonder B and the Atlantis Force."  It was an action/martial arts/science fiction film.  At the same time, Michael had some special director from Paramount Pictures tried to help Michael to work with actor and comedian Eddie murphy in the ‘1980s before the Golden Child movie. 

Additionally, Michael also had special funding from Bank of American entertainment division for Michael's screenplay called “Do It For Love” with famous screenplay advisor, Mr. George Gallo of Midnight Run (starring Robert De Niro) and a major steel company tried to fund Michael's “the Green Lion” movie story and it was starred by Steven Ford, a son of former President of United States, Gerald Ford, but Michael did not finish any contracts to make those movies at that time. 

Michael was the project leader assigned to a ten million dollar account, the "Tourist Shopping Center" project in City of 29 Palms, California, and it was approved by the Major and City Councils in 1990 aka Hong Thanh Dang.  Michael was an Ebay Powerseller of 2003.

Michael is currently in pre-project for a new most superlative advanced technology independent magical action science fiction, martial arts, summer and winter Olympics, Xfighters (http://xfighters.redbull.com/en_US), movie called "Invincibility Dream" and Michael plans to finish it by December of 2018.  Michael would like to do a lot of movies in the future. 

 Education Background

Michael studied at the Merrick Studio film school in Hollywood, California,1976-1977.  Michael had four years of junior colleges with 2 majors in Electrical Engineering and Geology of Mining.  Michael have worked for 10 years as an Engineering Technician nearby Canoga Park, California between 1978 and 1988 while Michael was studied in junior colleges.  Recently, I invented Human Computer Power and Invincibility or Invisibility.  

Additionally, Michael graduated a bachelor's degree in IT-General B.S. at American Public University System in February 15, 2018 and Michael is currently studying part time for an IT Project Management master degree at American Public University System (APUS): 



Music Education

Michael studied at the Young Music Band Institute, Tran Binh Trong, old Saigon, South Vietnam (1973-1975), at this time, Michael also studied Vietnamese opera singer with Michael's famous cousin guitar lead and instructor, Ngo, who was a special instructor for a Vietnamese opera actress superstar Le Thuy and Vietnamese opera actress superstar My Chau was Michael's hairdresser customer. 

Moreover, in 1990s, Michael studied Vietnamese opera singer with a famous Vietnamese superstar La Thoai Tan in Los Angeles, California and co-star for Vietnamese big opera show in Houston, Texas with some Vietnamese famous superstars like La Thoai Tan, Tuy Hong, Xuan Phat (Dustin Nguyen's father), Khanh Ly and so forth.   Furthermore, a Vietnamese Superstars, Che Linh wants Michael to write some songs for him, but Michael did not have time to write for him any song yet.  In the 1980s, magician Elvis Cong wants Michael to direct his magic show for Thuy Nga Paris by Night, but Michael was busied at that time.  Michael also have some other Vietnamese Superstars best friends like Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen, Luu Bich, Nhu Loan (Facebook), Viet Thao, Charlie Nguyen, Linh Tuan, Ly Le Hoa, Bang Chau, Kieu Chinh and so forth.

Michael directed a DJ's mixed music live sold-out dance show - Called "Everybody Dance Now", song by C & C Music Factory at the famous Florentine Gardens in Hollywood in 1990 for a New Year's Eve Party, and at the famous Florentine Garden in El Monte, CA of 1990 New Year's Night.  

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Michael has currently partner with Ebay Partner Network, Amazon Patner Network, Grabnetworks Partner Network, and Dailymotion Partner Network.